My name is Giuseppina Sannino and I operate in the tourism sector since 2011 when I left my managerial activity in fashion to devote myself completely to my two children. I was looking for a job that reconciled the role of mom with my passion for Tuscany, its territory and love for art and in particular for Florence, the city that has seen me grow and study since I was a child and where I lived my wonderful first 30 years of life.

Neapolitan by birth I have preserved in time the Neapolitan spirit of my family, the traditions and the appreciation of the kitchen. I acquired “The Art of getting by” studying and working abroad in Europe, America and Hong Kong, but above all I kept my origins in a great heart and a great humanity.

Creative, courageous and with a great spirit of initiative, which has always distinguished me, I have benefited from my innate relational capacity with people from all over the world facilitated by the knowledge of foreign languages and the habits of some Countries that I partly did mine too.

So was born my philosophy of personalized hospitality that I brought back in all the facilities of 3B Beauty, comfortable, never anonymous with a little ‘ of all my values widespread but also economical for those who travel often and is curious as I do an experience to remember rather than a location. I wanted my guests to live the difference of the stay, I wanted to give them
“Your home in the heart of Tuscany”.

And this is the first slogan I created when I opened my little B&B. On the other hand, what is the most comfortable place if not your own home? Feel free and at ease on holiday, when excursions and visits weary the physical but intoxate the heart.

So the new motto has become:


For information, or to check availability, you can call the number +39 334 2391002, send us an email to direzione@3beautyfirenze.it, or fill out the contact form